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Flap-Art Personalized and In Stock Mud Flaps are the best source for Mud Flaps!
IHot Stamp | Reflective | Stainless Weights

Hot Stamp:

This is the industry leader for quality long lasting graphic advertising on fleet truck Mud Flaps. Hot stamp is the economical method for fleets of fifteen or more trucks. The cost per pair is economical and durability is excellent. These are available in either Polyurethane or Rubber with three thicknesses in either material.


This is an unusual and fun way to advertise your company or customize your truck. We use this method for the small fleet owners (Towing Companies - small delivery - Landscapers - Lumber yards - Delivery Vans - Fire & Rescue - Show Trucks and restorations).
We heat emboss reflective film on Rubber Mud Flaps. The colors are bright and vivid and at night it is like having reflectors on your Mud Flaps. Visibility is great and the Tow Truck companies and first responders appreciate the added safety that the high visibility gives them.

Stainless Steel Accented Weights:

We are happy to work with Action Accessories to bring you the finest in Stainless Steel accented Mud Flaps.

The Mud Flaps are made of the finest 3/8" Polyurethane Mud Flap material and the Stainless Steel weights are laser cut for a clean sharp appearance. No bolts showing through the front so you have a clean look. The Mud Flaps are custom shaped to fit your truck and come with mounting hardware and instructions. Please call to order. We will need the make, model and year of your truck to make sure of a custom fit.

We also make these Mud Flaps in rectangular sizes to fit your flat bed or larger truck.

Removable Mud Flaps and Mud Flaps for Lifted Trucks.
Hot Stamp | Reflective | Stainless Weights
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